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  • Sargodha Crush
    Sargodha Crush

    Sargodha Crush 1/2" MIX: 56/Cft1/2 DOWN UPTO 30% YELLOW: 65/Cft1/2 DOWN...

    Rs. 65.00
  • MB Bricks
    A Grade Bricks

    A Grade Qasoor Bricks Rs: 8500 / 1000 bricks B Grade Qasoor Bricks Rs:...

    Rs. 8.50
  • Bestway Cement
    Bestway Cement

    Price upto 500 bags: 535/bag Price upto 800 bags: 532/bag Price above...

    Rs. 535.00
  • 313 Bricks
    Trademark 313 Bricks

    A Grade Kasoor Bricks Rs: 8500 / 1000 bricks B Grade Kasoor Bricks Rs:...

    Rs. 8.50
  • chenab sand
    Chenab Sand

    Rate upto 500 Cft will be 35/Cft  Rate upto 1000 Cft will be 30/Cft Rate...

    Rs. 25.00
  • OK Bricks
    Awwal Bricks

    A Grade Qasoor Bricks Rs: 8500 / 1000 bricks B Grade Qasoor Bricks Rs:...

    Rs. 8.30
  • Barrel Red Tile
    Barrel Red Tile

    Size: 10.5 X 4 Inch Colour : Red

    Rs. 30.00
  • Barrel Grey Tile
    Barrel Grey Tile

    Size: 9 X 4 Inch Colour: Grey

    Rs. 25.00





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List of products by manufacturer Anex

Germany Products Gmbh.


Anex is a world renowned leader in household appliances which sources top quality products from world class factories located around the world to provide a diverse range of appliances to customers globally. Anex prides itself on sourcing only quality products which is achieved by stringent quality management control. Further, Anex’s mission is to ensure all products are developed with well recognized safety issues, unique designs, high quality standards, and reliability. Thanks to our expertise and continuous research and development, we offer intelligent quality products which guarantee excellent results in order to exceed customer expectations for a new and rewarding home experience. What makes us unique is our extensive knowledge and understanding of consumer needs which enables us to develop innovative products which change the way people interact with appliances.

Anex  established itself as a brand by adopting rigorous quality control methods and strict component testing techniques that conform to global quality standards. Qualified sourcing personnel and an eye for detail provides Anex  with the perfect ingredients needed to launch novel products that serve a broad cross section of the market.

Today, Anex has reached a point in its business history where it has developed a broad community of loyal customers. As a result, Anex’s aim is to consistently strengthen these ties and establish long lasting relationships with our customers. With a wide-range of more than 200 appliances, we aim to make the life of our consumers easier each and every day. With a wealth of options, features, and price-points, there’s bound to be a product for everyone in the product line.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 150 items